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Tivoli Audio Model Three BT Bluetooth Radio Alarm Clock - M3BTBLK



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Tivoli Audio Model Three BT Bluetooth Radio Alarm Clock - M3BTBLK



Tivoli Audio Streams Music Wirelessly With Bluetooth Model Three BT - M3BTCLA




  • AM / FM Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Alarm Clock
  • Sleep Timer
  • Snooze Button
  • USB charging for phones & tablets
  • Battery Backup for Alarm
  • Auxiliary Input

Wake up Happy

It’s the warm sound, ease of use, and distinguished appearance that gives the Model Three its wonderful bedside manner.

Style & Substance

Any clock radio can wake you up, but only Tivoli Audio’s new Model Three BT does so simply, elegantly, and in high fidelity sound. And with Bluetooth, you can stream before you dream.



The Model Three BT brings all the style and sound of the analog driven Model One perfectly into the bedroom with the addition of a classic analog clock. The clock was designed for easy setup and use, which is lightly illuminated, so you can see it at night.


A natural replication of sound. This single top-firing mono speaker delivers the true art form of analog audio. A heavy-magnet long-throw driver is mated to a frequency contouring circuit that automatically adjusts output over half-octave increments, resulting in musically accurate tonal balance and bass response.


Simple hands-on controls to deliver exactly what you want. One knob for your power source, one knob for volume, one 5:1 ratio tuning dial to help you bring in even the weakest stations. The clock can be set with the surrounding bezel, while clock set, snooze and sleep timer are set with just a push of a button.

Connectivity & Playback

Enjoy listening to your favorite radio station or music through Bluetooth. Wake up to your favorite radio stations or wake up tone. Use the built-in auxiliary input to listen to music from an external audio source. Charge of your smartphone or tablet with the built-in USB jack.

Inputs & Outputs
Dimensions4.5 x 8.375 x 5.25 in
Weight3.75 lb

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