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Celebrating over 65 years of Success thanks to our loyal customers - Thank You!!!

Over the past 65 years, we have seen many of our competitors come and go. Our customers have remained loyal and appreciate the personal service, competitive pricing, home delivery/set-up, and quality products extended to them here at G&G.

Our key success factors, in order of importance are:


We have been servicing the retail industry in consumer electronics for over 65 years with three generations of family members currently working in the business, and the competitive pricing of our product lines by consumer preferred brands such as Sony, Panasonic and Bose.

Our Team

The G&G Team is a dynamic group of diverse people who together with over 65 yrs of experience provide the service, the knowledge and the expertise to help you select and enjoy the best product for your needs.

Our Store

G&G Electronics is just west of Lawrence Avenue with approximately 15,000 square feet of show room space on the street level, and warehouse space underneath. This has remained our only location since 1954. We invite you to stop by and see for yourself why G&G Electronics is truly the "home of the real deal".