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Roksan Audio Caspian Power Amplifier - CASPOWAMPBLK


$3699 / Each

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Roksan Audio Caspian Power Amplifier - CASPOWAMPBLK


$3699 / Each

Roksan Audio Caspian Power Amplifier - CASPOWAMPSIL




The Roksan Caspian Power Amplifier is a superb addition to a Caspian Integrated Amplifier to bi-amp suitable loudspeakers with its powerful and solid sound.

It is also compatible with most pre-amplifiers to form a high-quality dedication pre and power amplifier combination.

The Caspian Power Amplifier is a powerful and highly musical sounding design that is ideal for matching with the Caspian Integrated Amplifier to form a bi-amp (or tri-amp) system, or as a standalone power amplifier with a separate pre-amplifier.

This gripping sounding amplifier delivers a powerful, smooth and musical sound that is consummately enjoyable, this power amplifier is a superb addition to any system.

Key Features

  • Stereo power amplifier designed to perfectly complement the Caspian M2 range
  • XLR and RCA inputs
  • Ideal for use in multi-amping with the Caspian M2 Integrated Amplifier
  • An excellent match for a wide range of other high-end pre-amplification
Dimensions (W x H x D)432 x 80 x 330 mm (incl. feet)
Weight14 kg
Power ConsumptionStandby: 5 W Full power / 2 channels: 8 ohms = <330 W / 4 ohms = <550 W
Power Source220 V - 240 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz 100 V - 120 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio100 dB (ref. 900 mV)
Harmonic Distortion<0.005 % 1 kHz - 8 ohms
Gain31.6 dB
Frequency Response-3 dB, <3 Hz - >100 kHz
Power Supply350 VA Power Amplifier 60 VA Ultra low noise Toroidal transformer Pre-amplifier section toroidal
Power Output (Per Channel)> 85 W (8 ohms) > 125 W (4 ohms)
OutputSpeakers (L & R), RCA, XLR
Input Sensitivity 240 mV rms
Input Impedance38 kohms
InputsRCA, XLR
Amplifier Type Class-AB

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