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PSB Speakers Alpha iQ Floor Stands - AST25B


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PSB Speakers Alpha iQ Floor Stands - AST25W


PSB Speakers Alpha iQ Floor Stands - AST25B



Take your sound to new heights

The AST-25 floor stand is custom-made to enhance your listening experience with the Alpha iQ Streaming Powered Speakers. Designed with heavy-duty steel, adjustable floor spikes, and wire management, they offer both form and function. Available in Black and White finishes to complement any decor.

The perfect companion for your Alpha iQ

Custom-crafted exclusively for Alpha iQ Streaming Powered Speakers with BluOS , the Alpha iQ Floor Stands are meticulously designed to elevate your audio setup. Since the Alpha iQ is already a true marvel; these stands ensure you can position them optimally to unlock their full potential and enjoy their meticulous design. Elevate your speakers to a perfect 25-inch listening height to ensure an immersive and unparalleled sonic journey.


Sturdy support for full-room sound.

Easy to assemble, the AST-25 stands, made of robust steel, offer stability and adaptability. You can opt for adjustable floor spikes for carpets or floor protector discs for wood or tile floors. These versatile stands are designed to accommodate your needs on various surfaces. They provide unwavering support for your beloved speaker, allowing you to enjoy exceptional sound without worries of floor damage or instability.


No more cable clutter

The Alpha iQ may be small, but it packs a serious punch in sound. Don't spoil its potential with cable clutter. Say goodbye to tangled cables and messy wires. These stands were designed for modern living, featuring concealed wire management that ensures a tidy setup. With unsightly cables hidden from view, you can fully appreciate the exquisite sound quality without distractions.


A stylish finish to your room

The AST-25 showcases PSB's dedication to exceptional sound and style. Featuring an accent strip that complements the Alpha iQ speakers' diamond trim, it adds a touch of sophistication to your decor. Fully concealed wire management ensures that unsightly cables are hidden view for a tidy setup without the distraction of wires. Choose a black or white finish for a timeless look that matches your speakers and your room.

Dimensions / Weights / Finish
Size (W x H x D) 9.5” x 12” x 25” (241.3mm x 304.8mm x 635mm)
Weight 9.6 lb (4.35kg)
Finish Black or White
Features: Gauge Steel Construction
Concealed Wire Management
Includes Adjustable Floor Spikes and Floor Protector Discs

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