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PSB Speakers 6 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker - CS605


$199 / Each

Scheduled Delivery

Value 2-Way In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

Sharing the same tonal characteristics as its family members, this model is a wonderful introduction to PSB sound at a very affordable price. Featuring a 19mm (¾”) soft dome fabric tweeter and a 165mm (6½”) polypropylene cone, it’s well matched to offer wide and constant dispersion throughout its frequency range. Perfect for whole home audio, or home theater installations.

This superb group of architectural speakers embody over 40 years of cutting-edge research in the field of acoustics and loudspeaker design. Musical, refined, and nearly invisible, these speakers can create a beautiful ambience, even in larger spaces. Because their sonic signature is identical to other PSB speakers, the CS series can integrate perfectly as part of home theatres or as the soundtrack of the connected home. Since PSB has in-room, on-wall, outdoor, in-wall and in-ceiling designs at many different price points, it makes it easy to specify an audio system that you know will turn out right, be easy to specify and install, and will absolutely thrill even your most discriminating clients.

There are seven models in this series, and all feature frameless magnetic grilles with invisible scrims. Both round and square grilles are provided (CS605, CS805 only have round grills), simplifying and reducing your inventory requirements. Each model features an improved, simple, foolproof mounting system using heavy duty doglegs. Cutting templates are included. Pre-construction brackets and back-cans are also available.

  • 165mm (6½”) 2-way in-ceiling flush mount speaker
  • Carbon-filled polypropylene cone
  • Proprietary 19mm (¾”) treated textile dome tweeter
  • High strength doglegs for easy installation and removal
  • Includes round magnetic frameless grille
Input Power
Recommended10 – 100 Watts
Minimum4 Ohms
Nominal6 Ohms
Anechoic Chamber85dB
Listening Room87dB
On Axis @ 0° ±3dB50-20,000Hz
Dimensions / Weights / Finish
Weight4.6lb (2.1kg)/each
Acoustic Design
Design TypeOpen Back
Dimensions / Weights / Finish
Size (W x H x D)Cutout Diameter – 8 3/8” * (212mm), Mounting Depth – 4 1/2″ * (114mm), Round Grille Diameter – 9 7/16″ * (240mm)
Acoustic Design
Crossover1st order high pass
Woofer (Nominal)6 1/2” (165mm) Stamped Steel Basket Black Polypropylene Cone Foam Surround
Tweeter (Nominal)3/4” (19mm) Treated Textile dome with Ferrofluid

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