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Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA Prestige Massage Chair In Black - EPMAJ7K



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Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA Prestige Massage Chair In Black - EPMAJ7K




Thermal ceramic heated massage rollers simulate the warm hands of a professional masseuse combined with the soothing, restorative sensation of hot stone therapy, loosening tense, sore muscles in the neck, shoulders and back.

Professional massage in the comfort of your home

Panasonic"s latest 3D Massage Rollers simulate the warm, soothing hands of a professional masseuse.

3D Massage Control

"Junetsu" massage, a Panasonic exclusive

The "Junetsu" massage technique quickly loosens tight muscles and the spiral, circular motion deeply invigorates tired muscles.

Our 3D Massage Technology and Full Body Airbag System expertly re-creates professional stretching techniques which promotes relaxation and flexibility.

Neck Stretch Technique

Hip Stretch Technique

Airbags in the seat inflate to elevate the neck area and the rollers gently hold onto the neck while the airbags slowly deflate, creating a relaxing and lengthening stretch along the neck and back, combined with intermittent neck kneading.

Airbags in the seat inflate to gently twist the hips. and the massage rollers and side airbags work together to knead and stretch the lower body.

Chest Stretch Technique

Leg Stretch Technique

Airbags hold both sides of the shoulders in place as massage rollers knead the back, applying gentle pressure to stretch the shoulders and chest.

Airbags inflate to hold the sides of the thighs, calves and soles of the feet "" the leg rest rises to stretch the leg muscles while the back is kneaded using 3D massage techniques.

Auto Body Scanning System

The sophisticated auto body scanning system is able to detect the prominent points of the body and adjust the massage rollers to fit each unique structure. The sensor technology delivers a gentle massage specifically tailored for each user. The auto body scanning system customizes the range of the massage to automatically match the user"s height.

Safety Lock


Power and lock switch prevents malfunctions.

Auxiliary wheels makes moving easy.

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