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Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Lounger - EPMA03K



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Urban™ Collection massage lounger

Neck Massage

The EP-MA03 features 4 massage balls replicating the hands of a massage therapist – soothing pressure is accurately applied up and down the sides of the neck and spine, to provide relief in the most common areas prone to stiffness and accumulated tension.

Foot & Calve Massage

The EP-MA03 features an airbag circulation system for a more complete, contoured lower body massage including: Calves, a kneading and loosening of the shins as well as both the side and back of the calf muscles. Feet, an upward pressure is applied using four airbags for ultimate relief.

Alternating foot massage with air cushions for a realistic and soothing massage experience.

The EP-MA03 heats up soles to alleviate stiffness, using the soothing pressure of shiatsu nodules to manipulate and loosen tense, aching feet.

Photos and diagrams are for illustration purposes only.

Foot & Calve Massage

Power Supply
Power SupplyAC 120 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption
Power Consumption105 W
Electric Heater Power Consumption
Electric Heater Power Consumption23 W
Upper Body Massage
Massage Area (up-down)Approx. 64 cm (The massage heads move a total of approx. 58 cm)
Massage Area (left-right)Distance between massage heads during operationNeck, shoulder, back, lower back: Approx. 4 - 15 cm
Massage Area (forward-back)Protrusion of massage head: Approx. 6 cm
Massage SpeedTap: Approx. 285 - 495 cycles/minute (single side)Knead: Approx. 7 - 25 cycles/minuteMovement Speed: Approx. 2 - 4.5 cm/s
Massage WidthSame as massage area (left-right)
Air Massage
Air Pressure3: Approx. 32 kPa2: Approx. 28 kPa1: Approx. 20 kPa
Automatic Shut-Off
Automatic Shut-offAutomatically turns off after a maximum of 15 minutes
Dimensions (H × W × D)
When not reclinedApprox. 105 × 78 × 150 cm
When reclinedApprox. 82 × 78 × 176 cm
Weight of Unit
Weight of UnitApprox. 63 kg
Maximum User Weight
Maximum User WeightApprox. 120 kg
Pre-set Programs
Pre-set ProgramsFull Body, Deep, Refresh, Relax, Quick (8 min. ),Selected Area (Neck / Shoulder, Lower Back, Leg / Foot)

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