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Panasonic Men's Barber Style Long Beard Trimmer - ERGB96K




New Trimmer for a Professional Look

Give your beard a professional look with this trimmer that features special blades and a powerful motor to let you arrange a long beard as desired at home without going to the barber.

High-Torque DC Motor 

Equipped with a powerful motor for smooth cutting of even hard, dense beards. Enables comfortable trimming of long, full beards that are easily tugged by conventional blades.

New Blade System with wide pitch

To catch more whiskers with a single stroke, the new blade system features a wide pitch between blades. This effectively captures even long, dense whiskers in the cutting zone.

Easy styling of long beards

It's difficult to evenly trim a long beard. The comb part of this 30 mm attachment, however, precisely aligns whiskers to enable trimming to a uniform length. Now you can shape an attractive long beard even if you're a beginner.

Multiple Trimming Length Settings

Switching between the three attachments lets you adjust cutting length from 0.5 to 30mm in 58 steps of 0.5mm. These comb attachments enable a wide range of styling possibilities.

Precise Detail Designing

The 5mm wide detail attachment is ideal for trimming detailed areas such as a soul patch or mustache. It also features a switching button to enable use on either side of the face.

Smooth Finish with New Wider Tip Blades

The blades have wider tips to catch whiskers even if they are lying flat or curly. After trimming, your beard is beautifully flat with no uneven pats.

Quick Adjust Dial

Switching between the three attachments lets you adjust cutting length from 0.5 to 30mm in 58 steps of 0.5mm.

Acute Blades

Durable stainless steel blades with an acute edge enable precise cutting. Sharp cutting edges quickly cut even thick and hard hairs.


The waterproof design for easy and hygienic maintenance.

Type of MotorHigh-Torque DC Motor
Quick Adjustment DialYes
Cutting Length Steps57
Cutting Length Adjustment1.0-30 mm
Cutting Length w/o Attachement0.5 mm
Number of Attachment4
Comb AttachmentYes
Detail AttachmentYes
Advanced Blade with Wider PitchYes
Wider Tip BladesYes
Charge Indicator LampYes (1LED)
Travel PouchYes
Charging Time1 hour
Operating Time50 min
Battery TypeNi-MH
Power SupplyRC
Power-supply voltage100-240 V
Replacement BladeWER9620
Product dimensions (H x W x D)Approx. 17.0 x 4.2 x 4.3 cm
Body Weight (Not Including Attachments)Approx. 160 g

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