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Panasonic Peach Fuzz Grooming for Sensitive Skin Facial Hair Remover for Easy Grooming - ERGM40K



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Peach Fuzz Grooming for Sensitive Skin

The debut of a Facial Hair Remover for the younger generation who are beginning to grow a mustache or beard. It‘s a new category of trimmer that’s gentle on soft hairs that are difficult to shave and sensitive skin prone to irritation. Let's start a First Time Shaving Experience.


Safety Blades that Don’t Hurt the Skin

A safe design with movable blades that shave without touching the skin directly. There's no risk of damaging your skin so you can enjoy a worry-free shave.

Skin Protective Trimmer Blade Technology

The wide, round shape of the fixed blades doesn’t dig into skin, so they're gentle on your face. Since the fixed blades thickness is 0.12 mm, shaving as close as 0.12 mm is possible. The wide gaps can trim thick hair such as beard when they are beginning grow, and eyebrows. 1: Movable blade 2: Fixed blade 3: Blade thickness 0.12 mm 4: Wide gap 5: Rounded Edge

It’s easy grooming with the compact head. You can shave while looking at the head of the shaver.

Easy Dry Shaving, Also Suitable for Wet Use

No troublesome preparation is required. You can easily shave whenever you want to and enjoy a smooth finish with water or foam. And you can even use it in the shower.

Washable Body for Easy Maintenance

The waterproof design let you rinse the unit under running water for quick and easy maintenance.

Eyebrow comb A helps to groom eyebrow hair to your desired length (5/6/7 mm). *1 Eyebrow comb A (5/6/7 mm)

Long-lasting blade life of approx. 1.5 years*.The use of Japanese stainless steel makes maintenance easy. * When using for 2 minutes three times a week.

A legacy of qualitya tradition of innovation

Advancing the Japanese art of making exceptionally sharp and robust swords, Panasonic has applied state-of-the-art technology to develop blades of outstanding quality. Japanese craftsmanship techniques used only for Panasonic blades provide long-lasting durability and sharp cutting precision.

Cutting length_steps
Cutting length_steps7
Cutting length adjustment(mm)
Cutting length adjustment(mm)0.12-7
Cutting_length_w/o_Attachement(mm)Approx. 0.12
Number of Attachment
Number of Attachment3
Attachment for Eyebrow
Attachment for Eyebrow・Eyebrow Comb A (5/6/7 mm)・Eyebrow Comb B (2/3/4 mm)・Eyebrow cover
Corded/ Cordless
Corded/ CordlessCordless
Operating_Time(min)Battery Operation AA×1 / 180 min*
Battery_TypeBattery Operation AA×1
Replacement Blade
Replacement BladeWES9277
Product dimensions (H x W x D)
Product dimensions (H x W x D)Approx. 166 x 26 x 28 mm(w/o attachment)
Body weight(Not including attachments)
Body weight(Not including attachments)Approx.55g (w/o 1 AA Battery)
Note*Based on dry using at 20 °C (68 °F)

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