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PHILLIPS PRONTO REMOTE Home Theater Control Panel TSU9200



( Sale ends on Mar 19, 2019 )


The Pronto TSU9200 offers the best of both worlds: a classic remote feel combined with innovative personalized control possibilities. Designed for intuitive navigation, just select what you want to do and the Pronto TSU9200 does the rest.

Designed by installers, made by Philips
Attractive and easy-to-read color LCD display

Color Liquid Crystal Display ensures better readability and the capability to visualize colour buttons and backgrounds.

Ergonomic design for single-handed operation

Hard button placement and remote control design are created with ergonomics in mind for single handed use. The most common functions can be executed with one hand and even single grip, so no need to move your hand.

User interface matching your personal taste and preferences

User interface can be created to fully incorporate the end user's personal taste and preferences. So, only the devices and buttons that are used most, will be visible on the touchscreen. Also, the graphical design (backgrounds, icons, buttons, colors used) can be chosen by the user.

Rotary cursor control for fast menu navigation

A cursor incorporating a rotary wheel enables you to navigate through the setup menu and the device pages, in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

LCD screen with backlighting for convenience in the dark

Backlighting is a feature that illuminates the LCD screen or keypad for use in the dark. The two most common types of backlighting include LED and electroluminescent (EL). Remotes backlit with LEDs are typically bright but uneven with a yellow or green color, while EL panels are smooth with blue, white or green shades.

Compatible with Media Center Edition, WMP10-11, iTunes 6-7

To ensure you can play your favorite files, wether it be Microsoft Media Center Editions (XP or Vista), WMP10-11, iTunes 6-7, all these formats are supported to be visible on the LCD screen of the remote and can be controlled by the remote.

Activities to control multiple devices with one button press

Instead of operating your components one by one, activity based control blends the most commonly used functions into activities such as "Watch a movie" or "Listen to CD". When a user selects 'watch a movie', rather than having the end user address each individual piece of equipment - such as DVD player, TV and multimedia receiver -, one button holds all necessary commands to be able to start watching a movie: switch on the TV, switch on the amplifier and select the right input, switch on the the DVD player and start playing.

The perfect key layout for optimal home theater control

The key layout of the remote control is optimized for controlling home theater equipment. The home theater functions in the key layout of the remote control are placed such that it is easy to find and execute the right commands.

Control hidden equipment and devices in other rooms

A range of extenders is available, both wired and wireless versions, that extend the range of transmission of the remote control. This enables the user to control equipment hidden in cabinets or in other rooms with one and the same control unit.  

What's in the box?
Other items in the box
AC/DC adaptor, CD Rom, Docking Station, Printed user guide, USB cable, Warranty card.

Infrared Capabilities
Carrier frequency range30k - 100kHz + 455kHz
Transmitting LEDs2
Universal IR code databaseYes
Learning IR codesYes
RF Capabilities
Frequency (GHz)2.4
Infrared Capabilities
Operating distance33 ft (10 m)
DatabaseConfigurable personal database, Model number based database
MacrosUp to 250 steps
Editor application on PCWizard based
System Specifications
Flash memory size4 MB
Charging timeUp to 3 hr
Battery saving managerAuto switch on/off
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery capacity1000 mAh
System Requirements
USBFree USB port
RAM memory256 MB free
Hard disk space500 MB free
CD-ROM driveYes
Backlight colorWhite
Soft touch back for extra gripYes
Rotary wheelYes
Cursor keyYes
Pick up sensorYes
Automatic power offYes
Battery low indicationYes
Cradle/ docking stationYes
Printed User GuideYes
Warranty CardYes
USB cableYes
Docking StationYes
AC/DC AdaptorYes
Power100-240V, 50/60Hz
Resolution176 x 220 pixels
ConnectorMini USB
Display screen typeLCD TFT
Display colors65,536
Diagonal screen size (inch)2 inch
Display backlightWhite

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