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Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer with Oscillating Quick-Dry Nozzle - EH-NA67



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  • Infuses hair with moisture-rich nanoe™ particles
  • Oscillating Quick Dry Nozzle prevents hot spots while drying
  • Perfect for everyday or advanced styling
  • Three pro-quality attachments

nanoe™ reduces*1 hair damage and enhances smoothness. The new nozzle prevents overheating A constant air flow awash with nanoe™, atomized water particles, moisturizes hair deeply. This reduces damage from everyday brushing. Furthermore, a newly developed ‘oscillating quick dry nozzle’ prevents concentrated heat blasts, distributing the delivery more widely to dry hair both gently and effectively. All in all, your hair looks healthy and beautiful.

What is nanoe™?

nanoe™ technology creates moisture-rich particles. These particles are almost 1,000 times more moisture-packed than general negative ions.

Penetrates into hair, tightens cuticles

Tiny moisture particles penetrate into hair and tightens cuticles, making hair healthy and beautiful.

Smooth and shiny hair

nanoe™ helps to protect hair against damage from brushing, and enhance smoothness and shine.

The new oscillating quick dry nozzle enables more gentle drying

Delivers strong and soft airflows for fast drying. The nozzle automatically moves and prevents hot spots for more gentle drying.

Fast Drying

The oscillating quick-dry nozzle generates strong and soft airflows to help separate hair strands, dries it up speedily.

Concentrator nozzle

Quick and easy styling.


Evenly distributes air for wavy or curly hair.

Cool-shot button

The cool-shot button generates a cool flow of air as you press the button. You can instantly change to this at any time while styling without having to adjust settings.

Detach instantly for easy cleaning

The intake filter can be removed for quick, easy cleaning.

Wattage1,875 W (at 125 V)
Cool-Shot buttonYes
Speed2 settings
Temperature3 settings
AttachmentsOscillating quick-dry nozzle, Concentrator nozzle, Diffuser
Body Size (W x H x D)92 x 310 x 210 mm
WeightApprox. 500 g

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