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Monitor Audio Speaker Stand Studio Stand (Pair)

Studio Stand


Stand ensures a speaker is positioned at the ideal height, and with perfect stability, to deliver music as it is meant to be heard. Stand was initially designed for use with Monitor Audio’s Studio speakers, but it will also be suitable with any other bookshelf speakers.
To ensure optimum rigidity and a perfect listening experience, bespoke metals have been used for each section: the top plate is laser-cut steel, the pole is extruded aluminium and the base is die-cast aluminium. The adjustable chrome-plated spikes at the base ensure that STAND is stable in all situations.

STAND was designed for Monitor Audio’s Studio loudspeakers, but its flexible fixing system allows any bookshelf speaker to be attached. Once attached, loudspeakers will reach their potential by delivering the best in terms of sonic punch, detail and rhythm.

With a choice of a textured black or white finish, STAND complements any speaker in any room.

External Dimensions (H x W x D)605.5 mm x 296.2 mm x 324.7 mm (23 13/16” x 11 11/16” x 12 13/16”)
External Dimensions (Including Spikes (H x W x D))625.5 mm x 296.2 mm x 324.7 mm (24 5/8” x 11 11/16” x 12 13/16”)

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