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Jensen 2DIN 6.2-inch Digital Media Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth DMX5020


The DMX5020 Mechless Digital Media Receiver comes without a built-in CD/DVD player but it is packed with inputs designed to have maximum connectivity. This double DIN, 6.2-inch high resolution TFT touch screen sports inputs like a front full size USB port with 1-amp charging, SD card slots, auxiliary inputs, and dedicated iPod connections. 

App connectivity for iPhone®, Android® and BlackBerry®- Connect your iPhone (via jLinkUSB) and control Pandora Link from the touchscreen. Android®, Apple and BlackBerry® users can connect via Bluetooth to stream, control and enjoy Pandora, SXM, iHeartRadio, aHa Radio, Spotify, Slacker, TuneIn and many more Internet Radio Apps. 

The DMX5020 offers built-in Bluetooth for hands free capabilities with phone book accessibility, music streaming from A2DP equipped phones, access to your preferred Pandora stations via a Pandora Link, and audio controls for Android® and iPhone devices. Front 3.5mm audio/video input, rear audio/video input and system expandability with front, rear and subwoofer 4V RCA line outs and 16 key learning SWC interface.

  • Pandora Link
  • Bluetooth Hands Free, Phone Book Access, Music Streaming and Audio Controls for AndroidTM and iPhone®
  • 6.2-inch High Resolution Touch Screen TFT
  • Front Full Size USB with 1 Amp Charging
  • Front 3.5mm Audio / Video Input
  • Rear Audio / Video Input
  • Front / Rear / Sub RCA 4V Line out
  • Rear Camera In
  • Video Out
  • 16 Key Learning SWC Interface
  • Remote Control
  • 160 Watts Peak Power (40 x 4)
  • App Connectivity for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry - Connect your iPhone (via jLinkUSB) and Control Pandora Link from the Touchscreen
  • Android, Apple and BlackBerry Users Can Connect via Bluetooth to Stream, Control and Enjoy Pandora, SXM, iHeartRadio, aHa Radio, Spotify, Slacker, TuneIn and many more Internet Radio Apps

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