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Denon Premium Direct Drive Hi-Fi Turntable in Dark Ebony - DP-3000NE


$3299 / Each

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This is the flagship premium direct drive turntable from Denon®. Solid construction and S-shaped tonearm deliver detailed, resonance-free music. And the dark ebony natural wood veneer makes it a beautiful addition to your space.

  • Accurate playback
  • Vertical tracking
  • Solid construction
  • Direct-drive motor
  • Adjustable insulator feet
  • Removable dust cover

A turntable masterwork

With equal parts beauty and sound quality, the DP-3000NE aims to change how you feel about sound.


Premium direct drive Hi-Fi turntable


High-accuracy playback

All design aspects, from the S-shape tonearm to the direct drive motor, deliver accurate playback.


Solid construction

Solid construction and sturdy adjustable insulator feet provide the strength needed to reproduce detailed, resonance-free music.


Beautiful design

Dark ebony natural wood veneer and metal platter, tonearm, and controls look stunning in your space.



Premium vinyl playback

Denon original static balance S-shape tonearm

Features a carefully engineered S-shape tonearm suppresses vibration and optimizes tracking angle at any point of the record.


Full adjustability

Several adjustment options allow the use of a wide variety of MM or MC cartridges. And with 9 mm vertical height adjustment at the tonearm base the vertical tracking angle can be easily adjusted.


Direct-drive motor

Simple to use with rotation speed that does not fluctuate, no matter the selected speed or load, and reaches full speed almost instantly. No aging belt to be replaced in the future.


Space Vector PWM motor control

SV-PWM is an algorithm to control the motor’s power supply to greatly reduce harmonics and ensures continuous reliable voltage.


Speed selector

Easily play your entire vinyl collection with playback at 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm.


Tailor your sound with complete connectivity & control

Tailor your sound with complete connectivity & control

What's in the boxPlatter mat, Dust cover, Power cable, RCA cable and ground cable, Headshell, Overhang gauge, Screw set for cartridge mount (10, 13, 18mm), 2 x Cartridge spacers (1 mm), 2 x Plastic Washer, Screw driver, Counter weight, Sub-counter weight, Denon EP adapter/weight
Carton Weight24.0 kg
Carton maximum Dimensions615 x 515 x 335 mm (W x D x H)
Power consumption<4W
Stdby Power consumptionLess than 0.3W
Power SupplyAC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Weight18.5 kg
Technical Information
ControlStart / Stop
ColorsDark ebony
Dimensions500 x 394 x 185mm (W x D x H)
Technical Information
Speed33 1/3 / 45 / 78 rpm
Sensitivity (Vertical)30mg
Drive SystemDirect
Motor16-pole, 12-coil, brushless motor
Control methodPWM Vector
PlatterAluminum diecast (305mm)
Platter inertia382 kg/CM^2
Wow Flatterless than 0.06% JIS
Speed toleranceless than ± 0.3%
Rumble (S/N ratio)Over 70dB
Bearing TypeMiniature Steel ball bearing
Tone ArmStatic Balanced S-Shaped
Arm length244 mm
Overhang14 mm
Offset angle20.5 °
Tracking error angle2.5° (Max.)
Suitable cartridge weight4 to 16g without sub weight, 14 to 26g with sub weight
Stylus force adjustment0 - 2.5g /rotation
High adjustment range9mm
Anti-skating adjustment0-3g
Headshell materialAluminum
Sensitivity (Horizontal)30mg

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