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Denon Fully Automatic Turntable with MP3 Encoder - DP200USB



( Sale ends on Feb 19, 2019 )



Now you can easily convert all of your favorite records to modern MP3 digital audio tracks with Denon's DP-200USB fully automatic turntable. Equipped with an internal MP3 encoder, along with a front panel USB port, the DP-200USB lets you play your favorite LPs and create MP3 tracks easily and automatically. The included PC software features Audio Waveform Recognition, which checks the first 15 seconds of each track and searches the extensive Gracenote Internet music tracks database to capture the track's meta-deta (artist, title, etc.). The software also features Auto Track Divide, which notes silent breaks between tracks and automatically inserts a new track tag for each track (you also have the option of doing this manually). The front panel USB port allows connection to a USB flash drive. In addition to the USB connection, the DP-200USB features conventional stereo outputs, which can be configured with or without RIAA equalization, for full compatibility with the widest range of audio components. Two-year warranty on New and One-year warranty on Refurbished model.


Motor: AC / DCNo /Yes /
Drive System: Belt / DirectYes /No /
Bearing: Ceramic / MetalNo /Yes /
Operation: Automatic / ManualYes /No /
Speed: 33-1/3 & 45 RPMYes /Yes /
Wow & flutter 0.15 % (WRMS)
Phono EQ built in (switchable)Yes /
Stylus (MM / MC)Yes /No /
Stylus version DSN-84
Belt: Rubber / SiliconYes /No /
Rated Output 2.5 mV / 1 kHz
Frequency RangeNo /
S/N ratioNo /
Rated Output Phono EQ 150 mV / 1 kHz
Frequency Range Phono EQNo /
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in inches 14.2 x 14.1 x 3.8
Weight in LBS 7.1

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