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Environmentally Tough with Stylish Looks

Its single DIN chassis and face make it an excellent replacement system for smaller or older boats, while its upscale design fits right in with today’s highly stylized boat consoles and cabins. Designed for the boat environment, the two-line LCD display is able to show the information you need during day or night usage while the connectors have a protective cover to inhibit corrosion and damage.

Clearly Visible High Contrast LCD Display

The 13-digits 2-line display on the M508 allows numbers and characters to be displayed clearly - in all lighting conditions. Whether you want to know what song is playing on satellite radio or just need to know the time, it’s always easy to see.


High Quality Bluetooth Audio Streaming powered by Qualcomm® aptX™ and Hands-free Calling

Enjoy Bluetooth audio streaming with improved quality thanks to aptX codec support. This technology improves audio quality when listening to compressed audio over Bluetooth in a way that doesn’t degrade audio quality or cause latency, and reproduces the full audio bandwidth for quality sound on the waves.With Hands-free Profile, enjoy placing and taking calls through your radios sound system when connected to an optional external microphone.

Superior iPod® and iPhone® Connectivity

Enjoy the familiar control of your iPhone, through the radios display. 

Simple control mode lets you easily operate the system using just the iPhone controls, including ABC search to quickly access tunes.

Front AUX Input for Convenient Connection

With AUX input connectors right on the front of the unit, it’s extremely easy to hookup an external audio source for enjoyment through your boat’s audio system.

Dual Zone Audio with Fixed Output

With this function, it is possible to split your boat into two discrete zones to enjoy different volume levels of entertainment. 

For instance, the bow can be tuned-in to a higher volume level for enjoyment in the wind while the stern can enjoy the music at a lower volume to accommodate conversations. 

Volume levels from the fixed zone are controlled by an optional external volume control device. This is ideal for separate areas such as salons, wakeboard towers, and open bows.

SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio with Optional Tuner (SXV100 / 200 / 300)

Connect, control and enjoy all of SiriusXM Satellite Radio's offerings on your boat. Whether listening to commercial-free music, sports talk or news radio, all available 24/7, bring the hottest in entertainment on-board and on your journey.

Enjoy Interactive Pandora® Internet Radio Anytime Anywhere

The M508's Pandora feature works seamlessly with the Pandora app on your smart device. The app lets you “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, bookmark artists / songs and even create your own station to customize your marine music experience.

Global Radio Tuner with Weather Band

The built-in multi-band tuner supports reception of radio stations just about anywhere in the world — which is nice when you’re sailing around the globe or just across the bay. With weather band, you'll always have the latest weather updates including automatic reception of emergency information to keep your voyage as smooth as possible.

3-Band EQ for Customizable Sound

Clarion’s 3-Band EQ lets you freely customize the level and range of the bass, midrange and treble. You can tune the sound to your liking, depending on the category of music, for a more personalized and fulfilling listening experience.

Low Pass Filter for Subwoofer

Switching on the Low Pass Filter (LPF) will send only the low frequency range through specified outputs to ensure superb performance when connected to a subwoofer.

8-Channel 4-Volt RCA Outputs Make It Easy to Expand and Upgrade

Equipped with 8-channel line outputs, you have independent controls over each channel for amplification. Front and rear speakers will retain fader and balance control while the subwoofer levels can be adjusted from the source unit for on the fly adjustments.

NMEA 2000 Connectivity with Optional Interface Module (Clarion MW6)

Clarion marine source units are able to be seamlessly added to a boat's onboard NMEA 2000 network, enabling control of Clarion source units directly from the boat's Multi-Function Display (MFD) device. Clarion marine source units allow boaters to control various audio system functions, including source and track selection, play / pause, and more, directly from their MFD. Additionally, two-way communication between a Clarion source unit and MFD allows source selection, song / track / album title, radio frequency and more to display on the MFD interface.

Frequency bands  

FM/AM/Weather Band

FM Tuner

Frequency Range

  • USA 87.9 ~ 107.9 MHz (0.2 MHz STEP)
  • Europe 87.50 ~ 108.00 MHz (0.05 MHz STEP)
  • Australia 87.50 ~ 108.00 MHz (0.01 MHz STEP)
  • Other Countries 87.50 ~ 108.00 MHz (0.05 MHz STEP)

AM Tuner

Frequency Range  

  • USA 530 ~ 1710 kHz (10 kHz STEP)
  • Europe 531 ~ 1602 kHz (9 kHz STEP)
  • Australia 531 ~ 1629 kHz (9 kHz STEP)
  • Other Countries 531 ~ 1629 kHz (9 kHz STEP)

NOAA Frequency Range    

  • 162.400MHz ~162.550MHz
  • Channel 1 : 162.400MHz
  • Channel 2 : 162.425MHz
  • Channel 3 : 162.450MHz
  • Channel 4 : 162.475MHz
  • Channel 5 : 162.500MHz
  • Channel 6 : 162.525MHz
  • Channel 7 : 162.550MHz



  • A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
  • AptX
  • AVRCP (AV Remote Control Profile)
  • HFP (Hands Free Profile)
  • SPP (Serial Port Profile)
  • SSP (Simple Secure Pairing)
Maximum Power Output 50 W × 4
Low Pass Filter (Subwoofer) 80 / 120 / 180 (W/O Full Range)
Dimensions (W × H × D) (Inches) 7 1/8 × 2 × 6 1/2
Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm) 180 × 50 × 165
Low Consumption Mode as Power Off <50mA when POWER=OFF (Need < 3mA when ACC=OFF)

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