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Compact and portable with clip for easy attachment

A compact, lightweight design lets you take the ICD-TX800 anywhere. Use the clip to attach your device to bags or pockets for quick access.

Remote control lets you record from across the room

Position your ICD-TX800 for the best possible sound recording. The supplied remote gives you full control from anywhere in the room.

Control recording from afar with REC Remote for Android

Available on Google Play for Android, the REC Remote app lets you control your recorder from a distance using BLUETOOTH technology. Start and stop recording, adjust recording levels and settings, and even add track markers so you can find content easily and quickly. A simple interface helps you control, monitor, and organize recordings from up to 30 feet (10 m) away using your smartphone.

REC Remote for iOS controls your recording remotely

Download the REC Remote iOS app to control recording from up to 30 feet (10 m) away using your smartphone. Not only can you stop and start recording but you can also adjust other settings, like recording levels and formats. You can also add track markers, making it easy to search through your content later.

16 GB built-in memory for extended recording

The ICD-TX800 has 16 GB of built-in memory, so you have plenty of storage space for your audio. Record for a maximum of 636 hours in one go, or store up to 5000 separate files.

One-push recording means you won't miss a thing

Hit the REC button for instant recording"even when the device is off"so you can capture sound in the moment.

Built-in micro USB connection makes transferring files easy

Use the USB cable supplied for easy playback of your recordings or to transfer files.

Record in Linear PCM or MP3 formats

Choose from two popular file formats when you record. Linear PCM files are larger but capture more detail"ideal for recording music. MP3 files are compressed but require less memory, making them better for recording long lectures or meetings.

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