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Panasonic Your very own massage therapist at home - EP1285K




Massage therapist techniques

Using 2 or 4 firm rubber massage heads, the Panasonic Urban Collection massage chair accurately simulates stroking with the palm of hand, pressing with the heel of the hand, kneading and applying pressure with the thumbs.

Swedish style

Relieves muscles gently like palms moving palms in a circular motion.

Hawaiian massage

Hawaiian massage: relieve stiff muscles in a healing way by using a wide surface such as arms or palms of hands.

Hawaiian style

Gentle rubbing motion across the back.

Air ottoman system

The EP-1285 features a 14 airbag circulation system for a complete, contoured lower body massage including: Calves: Kneading and loosening of the shins and calf muscles. Feet: Upward pressure is applied using four airbags for ultimate relief.

Leg stretch

Works to alleviate stiffness in your lower back, hips and thighs. The air system in the ottoman squeezes the lower legs while it lowers and raises in 20 degree increments.

Preprogrammed massages (x3) to loosen your body

For stiffness or severe fatigue

Uses mainly Soft Shiatsu, Tap and Knead actions to comfortably loosen and provide relief from tension held at pressure points.

Soothing rub for instant relief

Uses mainly Swedish, Hawaiian and Knead actions to evenly apply muscle relaxing strokes all over.

Relax and stretch tired muscles due to poor posture

Uses Full Roll, Compression and Leg Stretch to stretch all your muscles. A kneading action is applied to stiff backs and joints to refresh posture and strengthen against fatigue.

Various massage techniques with manual operation


Rhythmically kneads with the sensation of palms gliding over the skin.


Push & grasp for a deep therapeutic effect that stimulates acupoints.


Gentle rubbing motion across the back.


Firmer rubbing motion across the back.


Invigorating sensation of hands rapidly tapping on back muscles giving you an invigorated and revitalized feeling.

Full / Regional Roll

Massage pads roll up and down along the spine to relieve pressure from compressed cervical discs.

Soft Shiatsu

Simulates a pair of thumbs applying alternating pressure; Perfect for loosening knots and reducing tension.

Flat recline 170

Recline is controlled electronically to 170 degrees, allowing you to choose the position in which you're most comfortable while receiving your massage.

Neck roller position adjustment

5-stage adjustment with flashing indicators showing the selected position.

Controller storage

Store controller when not in use.

Upper Body Massage
Foot / Sole Massage (Reflexology)Knead: Approx. 20 cycles/min. - 30 cycles/min.Swedish: Approx. 30 cycles/min. - 50 cycles/min.Compression: Approx. 20 cycles/min. - 30 cycles/min.Hawaiian: Approx. 30 cycles/min. - 50 cycles/min.Soft Shiatsu: Approx. 150 cycles/min. - 210 cycles/min.Tap: Approx. 230 cycles/min. - 350 cycles/min.Full Roll: Approx. 20 - 35 sec/cycle[Movement range: 53.5 cm (21.1 in)Regional Roll: Approx. 7 - 9 sec/cycle[Movement range: Approx. 12 cm (4.7 in)]
Massage area (Forward/Back)Approx. 6.0 cm / 2.3 inProtrusion of massage heads (Intensity not adjustable)
Massage area (Left/Right)Approx. 6.0 - 18.0 cm / 2.4 - 7.1 in
Massage area (Up/Down)Approx. 67.5 cm / 26.6 in
Rated Current2.0 A
Power supplyAC 120 V 60 Hz
Lower Body Massage
Air Pressure (kPa)Strong: Approx. 27.0 Medium: Approx. 20.0Weak: Approx. 11.0 degrees
Reclining AngleBackrest: Approx. 120 - 170 degreesLeg rest: Approx. 0 - 75 degrees
Automatic Shut OffApprox. 15 min for both upper and lower body (Approx. 5 min for the quick massage)
Not reclined (H × W × D)Approx. 110 × 74 × 120 cm / 43.3 × 29.1 × 47.2 in
Reclined (H × W × D)Approx. 61 × 74 × 168 cm / 24.0 × 29.1 × 66.1 in
WeightApprox. 63 kg / 139 lbs
Dimension of box (H × W × D)Approx. 78 × 77 × 121 cm / 30.7 × 30.3 × 47.6 in
Weight in boxApprox. 78 kg / 172 lbs
Maximum user weightApprox. 120 kg / 264 lbs
Minimum Distance fromWall40 cm / 16 in
Massage areaNeck / Shoulders / Back Massage
Shoulder side MassageNA
Hand / Arm MassageNA
Hip / Thigh MassageNA
Leg Massageyes
Foot / Sole Massage (Reflexology)yes
Massage techniques
Junetsu MassageNA
Neck Knead (Chinese Spinal Massage Technique)no
Neck Shiatsu (Chinese Spinal Massage Technique)NA
Shoulder StretchNA
Arm StretchNA
Trunk Rotation & Pelvic TiltNA
Leg Stretchyes
Leg Grasp SqueezeNA
Sole Junetsu MassageNA
Massage Mechanism
Heated Massage rollerNA
3D Massage System with 4-axis independent controlNA
Advanced Quad-Style Massage Technology SystemNA
Float Mechanismyes
Air Ottoman Systemyes
Automatic shoulder position adjustmentNA
Automatic Body Scan TechnologyNA
Intensity Control SensorNA
Shoulder Height Adjustmentyes
Ottoman Length Adjustmentyes
Remote Control
Quick Programyes
Manual Programs8
# of Massage Combinations44
Intensity AdjustmentNA
Height & Width Adjustmentyes
Speed Controlyes
Voice Guidance SystemNA
Memory (Persons / Programs)NA
Repeat ButtonNA
Colour LCDNA
Program Time Indicatoryes
Other Features
UpholsteryHigh-Quality Leather
Control standNA
Flat recliningyes
Pivoting ottoman systemyes
Returnable OttomanNA
Safety lockyes

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