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Panasonic Wireless Outdoor HD Camera - KXHN7051


$199 was( $299.99 )


Wireless outdoor HD Camera

Home monitoring with HD recording, wide angle view, and colour night vision

Monitoring your entire house with wireless Front Door / Outdoor cameras*

HomeHawk™ can be configured as a single HD camera to protect your front door, and can also be combined with up to 16 peripheral HD camera units* to cover the entire perimeter of your home and yard. Homeowners today seek to keep an eye on activities inside and outside their home or apartment day and night; protecting package deliveries, checking front door visitors, or simply being notified when loved ones return home. [*]Add-on Outdoor Camera is required.

See More with a Wider Angle

HomeHawk™ HD cameras offer HD video quality and are weather-resistant*. Plus, unlike many other home monitoring cameras, the HomeHawk™ front door camera has a 172° angle of view, which fully covers your front door from top to bottom and your porch from left to right in full color day or night.

See Everything in Colour ... Even at Night

No more black and white, low-quality images. Monitor your front door with Panasonic’s exclusive colour night vision technology. Colour night vision is the difference between seeing and knowing what or who has really arrived at your front door day or night. The white LEDs are lit enabling images to be viewed in colour.

Easy to install, because it’s wireless

Panasonic’s built-in long-life rechargeable battery means that cameras are wire-free, while their wireless connectivity means hassle-free installation anywhere inside or outside your home.

Safeguard your packages with voice alerts

As more incidents of stolen packages are reported with the increase of online shopping, this product can help offer consumers peace of mind. HomeHawk™ has a package monitoring mode which automatically announces a voice alert to warn suspicious people near front entrance that “Premises being monitored”.

Model Composition
Model CompositionFront Door Camera x 1, Access Point x 1
Wireless System
Wireless SystemIEEE 802.11 b/ g*1
Frequency Range
Frequency Range2.412 GHz – 2.462 GHz*1
EncryptionWPA/ WPA2-PSK (AES)*1
Optional Outdoor Camera Unit
Optional Outdoor Camera UnitKX-HNC715
Simultaneous Access
Simultaneous Access-
Transmitting Range
Transmitting RangeApprox. 100 m (328 feet 1 inch)*2
Camera Angle
HorizontalApprox. 150°
VerticalApprox. 85°
DiagonalApprox. 172°
Tilt (facing forward - facing down)
Tilt (facing forward - facing down)-
Video Compression
Video CompressionH.264
Image Sensor1.0 megapixel CMOS
Camera Resolution
Camera Resolution1280 x 720 pixels (HD), 640 x 352 pixels, 320 x 176 pixels
Max Frame Rate
Max Frame RateUp to 30 fps
Focal length
Focal lengthFixed (0.2 m (0.7 feet) - infinity)
Wide Dynamic Range
Wide Dynamic Range-
High Dynamic Range
High Dynamic Range-
IR Cut
IR CutYes
Manual Recoding
Manual RecodingYes
Automatic Recording
Automatic RecordingYes*3
Recording Time
Recording Time2 GB card: 4 hours 4 GB card: 9 hours 8 GB card: 18 hours 16 GB card: 36 hours 32 GB card: 72 hours 64 GB card: 145 hours 128 GB card: 291 hours *5, *6, *7, *8
Time Samp on Video Image
Time Samp on Video ImageYes
Monochrome Nigh Vision (Range)
Monochrome Nigh Vision (Range)Yes (Approx. 5 m (16 feet 5 inches))
Colour Night Vision (Range)
Colour Night Vision (Range)Yes (Approx. 2 m (6 feet 7 inches))
SensorPyroelectric infrared sensor (PIR sensor) Visual sensor
PIR Sensor Detection Range
HorizontalApprox. 170°
VerticalApprox. 36°
Detection rangeApprox. 2.5 m (8 feet 2 inches)
Visual Sensor Detection Range
HorizontalApprox. 150°
VerticalApprox. 85°
Selectable Area Detection
Selectable Area DetectionYes
Non Detection Upon Going Out
Non Detection Upon Going OutYes
Automatic Warning
Automatic WarningYes (Voice/ Flashing Light/ Beep Sound)
Works with Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa / Google AssistantYes
Dustproof/ Waterproof Rating
Dustproof/ Waterproof RatingIP65*14
Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction-
Speaker Volume
Speaker Volume6-step + OFF
Privacy shutter
Privacy shutter-
Status Indication
Status IndicationLED (Amber/ Green/ Red)
Charge Indicator
Charge IndicatorLED (Red)
Setup Button
Setup ButtonOne Push Pairing button
microSD Card Slot
microSD Card Slot-
Wall Mountable
Wall MountableYes
Adjustable Mounting Angles
VerticalFacing forward - Facing down: Approx. -50° ~ -60°*9
Power Source
Power Source5.0 V, 1.0 A*10
Operating Conditions
Operating Conditions-20 °C ~ 50 °C (-4 °F ~ 122 °F) up to 90% relative air humidity (non-condensing)
Battery Performance
Operating TimeUp to 7 hours
Standby TimeUp to 3 months *15, *16
Charge TimeAbout 7 hours
Power Consumption
Standby0.003 W
During Operation1.8 W*11 1.5 W*12
StandbyApprox. 1.2 W
During OperationApprox. 6.0 W
Dimensions/ Weight
Dimensions (H x W x D)Approx. 58 mm x 271 mm x 61 mm*13 (2 5/16 inches x 10 11/16 inches x 2 3/8 inches)
Length of Power Cord (USB Cable)Approx. 1 m (1 feet 3 5/16 inches)
WeightApprox. 394 g (0.86 lb)*13
Dimensions (H x W x D)Approx. 179 mm x 94 mm x 52 mm (7 1/16 inches x 3 11/16 inches x 2 1/16 inches)
Length of Power Cord (AC Adaptor Cord)Approx. 1.8 m (5 feet 10 13/16 inches)
WeightApprox. 200 g (0.44 lb)
Wired System
Wired SystemIEEE 802.3 100BASE-TX/ 10BASE-T
Number of Camera Registration
Number of Camera RegistrationUp to 16 cameras
Number of Smart Device Registration
Number of Smart Device RegistrationUp to 8 smart devices
Number of Simultaneous Video Recording
Number of Simultaneous Video RecordingUp to 2 cameras
Number of Remote Simultaneous Connection
Number of Remote Simultaneous ConnectionUp to 2 smart devices
Status Indication
Status IndicationLED (Amber/ Green/ Red)
Setup Button
Setup ButtonOne Push Pairing button
microSD Card Slot
microSD Card SlotYes
Wall Mountable
Wall Mountable-
Power Source
Power Source120 V AC, 60 Hz
Operating Conditions
Operating Conditions0 °C ~ 40 °C (32 °F ~ 104 °F) 20 % - 80 % relative air humidity (dry)
2 Divided Screen
2 Divided ScreenYes (Whole View & Zoomable View)
Number of Camera Registration
Number of Camera RegistrationUp to 64 cameras
Number of Access Point Registration
Number of Access Point RegistrationUp to 4 Access Points
Note*1 Only between Camera Unit and Access Point Unit *2 Line-of-sight distance between Camera Unit and Access Point Unit. *3 Record images automatically when a sensor is triggered. *4 Collaborating with other camera units. *5 Recorded files will be stored via the microSD/ microSDHC/ microSDXC card in the Access Point. *6 All times are approximate. *7 Maximum continuous recording time is 2 minutes. *8 Recording time is the theoretical value in HD image quality and 25 fps. *9 Adjustable using the spacer *10 Only when charging. *11 When the LED lights are not lit. *12 When the LED lights are lit. *13 Including the wall mounting adaptor. *14 Water resistance is only assured if the camera is installed correctly and appropriate water protection measures are taken. *15 When used 5 minutes a day. *16 Battery performance changes depending on the surrounding temperature, frequency of use, and the actual usage environment.

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