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Smooth skin in one stroke

Wide head epilator with 60 tweezers on dual discs for fast and efficient hair removal.

30% wider head*

Compared to conventional models, the 32.4mm wide head covers an area that is 30% wider and removes more hair in one stroke, for quicker epilation. * Compared to the conventional ED series.

Double discs for double efficiency with 60 tweezers

The double discs ensure that leftover hair is caught, as the second disc catches hair missed by the first disc. The tweezers that catch the hair now number 60 in total, an evolutionary leap in epilation, catching more hair in a single stroke.

Catches hair too short for waxing

The two tweezer tips that grip the hair align perfectly, so that even hair as short as 0.5 mm, which would not be removed by wax treatments, gets gripped and removed from the root completely.

Longer tweezers and wider opening

The tweezers that grasp the hair have been made longer and given wider openings, which means they can grip and pull out more hair with each stroke.

90° Pivoting Head fits every curve

The head can be flexed through 90°, keeping it closer to the skin. The pivoting head fits smoothly to uneven contours of the body, keeping unplucked hair from remaining. It also lets you cover hard-to-reach places without straining.

Gentle epilation in the bath and shower

Wet & Dry Shower Epilation This water-resistant design allows you to use the device in the bath comfortably. Using the device in warm water softens the skin, so you can remove unwanted hairs easily. Foam Epilation Pour shower gel directly onto the head to make foam. Fine foam gathers around each unwanted hair so that you can remove it softly and gently from the root.

Beginner friendly Gentle Cap

The Gentle Cap prevents the discs from touching the skin. It holds the skin in place, so the epilator removes the hair without pulling the skin, making the removal less painful.

LED light

An LED light illuminates hard-to-see areas like the underarms and the bottoms of your feet. This allows you to see better during personal care.

3 speed settings

Press the button to choose the speed from soft/normal/power mode depending on part of the body you are treating or thickness of the hair.

Cordless operation

1 full hour charge will provide up to 30 minutes of cordless operation.


The device is waterproof so you can rinse the entirety in running water to wash away hairs and always keep it clean.

New slim grip design

The user-centric shape makes the handle easy to grip and easy to reach hard-to-get-at areas of the body.

Type of Disc
Type of DiscDual discs
Number of Tweezers
Number of Tweezers60
Speed Setting
Speed Setting3 (Power / Normal / Soft)
Charging / Operating Time
Charging / Operating Time1 hour / 30 min
LED Light
LED LightYes
WET/DRY Operation
WET/DRY OperationYes
Universal Voltage
Universal VoltageYes (AC 100-240 V)
Accessories4 piece kit (Epilation head for legs/arms, gentle cap, pouch, cleaning brush)
Body Size (HxWxD)
Body Size (HxWxD)16.3 x 6.7 x 4.7 cm
Weight170 g (without cord and attachment)
NotesAll values are approximate.

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