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20" Panasonic4-in-1 Multifunctional Steam Microwave with Steam - NNDS59NB



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Healthy and Delicious Meals Made Easy

The 4-in-1 multifunctional steam microwave with steam, grill, oven and microwave features functions as a single unit. Enjoy authentic and healthy steam cooking plus a wide variety of other cooking styles.


Enjoy a Variety of Steamed Dishes

The powerful steam feature can cook a variety of steamed dishes. The steam locks in the nutrients, moisture, and flavors for healthy meals cooked without compromising taste. Two different steam settings right for different ingredients are also available.


The highly efficient boiler housed in the side of the unit uses water to quickly generate powerful steam, which evenly fills the cavity.


Air Fry Style for HealthyGrilled and Fried Foods

The Air Fry Style option is available in the auto menu program for high-temperature cooking. The grill tray grills the top and bottom of food simultaneously without flipping, while removing any excess oil. Less oil and high-temperature cooking makes fried and grilled foods as healthy as air frying.


Fast and Delicious Results with Combination Cooking

Combination cooking enables simultaneous use of two or more heat sources for faster and more delicious cooking result. The Combo Menu has been designed to let users choose the right type of cooking for the best results. This function can cook most foods in half to two-thirds of the normal cooking time.


Do you always know how long it takes to reheat your dishes? Now there is no need for guessing, as the Panasonic's Genius Sensor automatically calculates the optimal heating time. Just press the dial, sit back and relax. You’ll get the best reheating results, with no over or undercooking.


Large Capacity in a Compact Size

This easy-to-use oven has all you need in a compact, modern design made to fit any kitchen. Even with this compact exterior, the internal space offers a 27-liter capacity. This not only lets you save time but also offers flexible cooking with large utensils.


Easy Cleaning

Cooking is more enjoyable when it requires less work. The DS59NB features a whole range of easy-cleaning conveniences to offer just that. Panasonic offers a unique flat grill heater and a stainless steel interior that you only need a simple wipe down in addition to special steam cleaning programs. The Grill Tray is even dishwasher-safe, ensuring less cleaning effort all-round.

Carton box
Kitchen Timer90 min
Standing Time90 min
Delay Start90 min
Clock12 hr
Demo ModeYes (MW 1x + Start 4x + Cancel 4x)
Child LockYes(Cancel 3x ON/OFF)
Cleaning Programssystem cleaning / cavity cleaning /deodorization / drain water
More / LessBy dial (after start within 14 sec.)
Auto Program
Number of Auto Cook29
Turbo defrost / ChaosYes
Auto ReheatYes
Junior MenuYes
Bread Re-bakeYes
Keep WarmYes
Add TimeYes
Accessories1 Grill Tray
O/I LanguagesEnglish, French
C/B LanguagesSeparate
Menu Label
LanguagesEnglish, French
label or leafletlabel
Stick on the body or insert with OIinsert with OI
Beep Sound On/OffYes
Stage Cooking3
One push reheatYes
Cooking Time
Cooking TimeMW 1000W - 30 min MW - 90 min Grill - 90 min Oven - ~90℃ : 9 hours / 100℃~ : 90 min Ferment 9 hours Steam+Grill/Oven - 60min, Steam+MW -30 minSteam Shot- 3 min
Water Tank
Cover ColorBlack
Capacity600 ml
Output Power & Level
Combination type1. Grill ( 750w and 600w alternatelyduty) + MW300W2. Steam + MW600W(steam andMW600W alternately duty)3. Steam (1100 W) + Grill (1300 W Duty)4. Steam+Oven(150 ℃-220 ℃)(w/ preheat)
Model No.
Model No.NN-DS59NB
Capacity27 L Flat
Power Supply
Power SupplyInverter
Cabinet Bodyblack PCM
DesignFull Pull down
ScreenClear glass
Door AGlossy Black
Maff LabelNo
HandleGlossy Black-Plastic (Japan design)
Oven Interiror
Oven Interior (Top)SUS
Oven Interior (Surrounding)SUS
Ring & Shaftnone (flat)
Control Panel
DesignDial + static touch
Dial Typebutton with LED light [Start/Set/Reheat]
LanguagePicto + English
LCD colorWhite character / black light background
TypeNew 6 Digit + Icon
Word Prompt (type)Scrolling, Full word menus
Word Prompt (language)English,French
Output Power & Level
MW Power Level7 (1000/800/600/440/300/100/KEEPWARM)
Grill (Top)flat 1350 W
Grill (Bottom)700 W
Grill Power Level3 (Grill 1- High / Grill 2 -Medium / Grill 3 -Low)
Oven/Convection Temperature30-220 °C(30-60°C:no preheat, 70-220°C:needpreheat)Max220℃(keep)
SteamPure Steam 1100 WMAX30min
Steam Power Level2(Steam 1 -MAX /Steam 2 - Low)
Steam shot (1min, 2min, Max3min)MW/Grill/Oven/MW+Grill/Combination5types

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