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Monitor Audio Platinum Series 3G In-Wall Speaker - CPP3GW


$6999 / Each

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The Platinum In-Wall 3G is a three-way architectural In-Wall loudspeaker that features an MPD III tweeter, 4” RDT III midrange driver and twin 6" RDT III bass drivers. It can be used either horizontally or vertically anywhere within a high-performance home theatre or two-channel stereo system.

Platinum In-Wall 3G is Monitor Audio’s flagship high-performance, architectural, in-wall speaker. It is designed for use in high-end audio and movie systems, where accurate, clear and lifelike sound is required. With the minimum of room intrusion but with maximum scale and sonic impact.

Platinum In-Wall 3G can be installed either vertically or horizontally, which means it can be used on any channel within a system and is ideal for LCR applications and for seamless tonal accuracy within a theatre system.

Key Features

  • 1 x MPD III high-frequency transducer for a larger, clearer, and more lifelike sound
  • 1 x 4” RDT III mid-bass driver for incredible levels of clarity and scale
  • 2 x 6” RDT III bass drivers for exceptional weight and depth
  • Patented 'DCF' (Dynamic Coupling Filter) mechanism for more natural sound
  • Bespoke speaker terminals and footings
  • Underhung, edge-wound voice coils: greater driver efficiency and lifelike dynamics, less distortion
  • Rigid cabinet construction made from 25 mm MDF with steel back
  • Extensive internal bracing using thick MDF cross bracing techniques
Nominal Impedance4 Ohms
Sensitivity (2.83 Vrms @ 1m, Free-Field)​​88 dB
Frequency Response, In-Room (-6dB)27 Hz – >60 kHz​
Frequency Response, Free-Field (-6dB)​41 Hz – >60 kHz​
System Format3-Way
Drive Unit Complement2 x 6” RDT III bass driver, 1 x 4” RDT III mid-range driver,  1 x MPD III tweeter​​
Crossover FrequencyLF/MF: 825 Hz​ MF/HF: 3 kHz​
Port Tuning FrequencyN/A
Bass AlignmentSealed
Recommended Amplifier Power​ (RMS into 4 Ohm, Music Signal)150 – 600 W​
Continuous Power Handling​ ​(RMS into 4 Ohms, Pink Noise with 6dB Crest Factor)300 W​
Minimum Impedance4.1 Ohms​ @ 1.6 kHz​
Weight (each)27.7 kg (61 lb)
External Dimensions (Including Grille and Terminals (H x W x D))1207 x 332 x 105.5 mm (479/16 x 131/16 x 44/16”)
Cut-Out Dimensions1175 x 300 x 97.5 mm (461/4 x 1113/16 x 313/16“)

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