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Monitor Audio -Radius Floor Stand (Pair) RSTWH


$389 / Pair

Scheduled Delivery

Radius Floor Stand



  • Stands at the perfect listening height
  • The Radius stand is constructed using ARC material, which acts to dampen vibrations, so you hear only the speaker.
  • High quality pure-copper cable runs internally from terminals at the floor to terminal forks at the top



C-CAM Drivers

Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium is a material originally developed by the aerospace industry for jet engine components. Its properties are ideal for loudspeaker cones being extremely rigid, yet light enough to yield high overall efficiency. In manufacture, aluminium/magnesium alloy undergoes a three-stage stress-relieving process to remove surface deformation and molecular weakness. Once formed, the alloy cone is subjected to a high temperature anodic coating process in which a layer of pure ceramic alumina is depleted onto its surfaces to a depth of 50 microns, producing a completely rigid sandwich of alloy and heat-dissipating ceramic material.

Rated Continuous Power @14.4V
Frequency Response25 Hz - 180 Hz
System Power Output250 W
Bass AlignmentHiVeII technology, rear ported bass reflex
Drive Unit Complement2 x 8" (203 mm) Ultra longthrow sub bass driver. Hand treated paper cone woofer
External Dimensions: (H x W x D)455 mm x 225 mm x 480 mm
External Dimensions: (H x W x D)17 15/16 inch x 8 7/8 inch x 18 7/8 inch
Weight (Individual)20.1 Kg (44 1/5 lb)

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