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Frigidaire PureAir Produce Keeper Refill - FRPAPKRF



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Keeps Fruits & Vegetables Fresher Longer

Absorbs ethylene gas from fruits and vegetables, the natural gas that causes produce to ripen quicker.

Reduces Food Waste & Saves Money

Minimizes spoiled produce, cutting back on replacement purchases.

Helps Maintain Fresher Tasting Produce

Enjoy fresh tasting fruits and vegetables with a longer storage life.

Long Lasting Freshness for 6 months

Saves you time on monthly replacements and keeps your produce fresher longer. Replace every 6 months.

Easy Install

No tools required for installation. Simply insert unopened packet into the holder in the crisper drawer.

Genuine Filters, Optimal Results

Look for our new Genuine Filters seal on the package to know for certain your filter is authentic and sold by Frigidaire.

General Specifications
Product Weight 0.1 lbs
Collection Frigidaire
Dimensions and Volume
Height 5 7/10"
Width 3 7/10"
Depth 0 4/5"

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