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6.5" Clarion SE Series 2-way Coaxial Speakers 300W - SE1624R



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  • 300 Watts Maximum Power Handling
  • 6-1/2″ MIPP Cone Woofer
  • Powerful Strontium Magnet for Dynamic Bass Response
  • Grille Included

SE Series

Clarion’ s SE series enables you to enjoy powerful, dynamic sound with stable performance over a broad range from highs to lows, all in coaxial and multiaxial speakers design.

MIPP Cone for Low Distortion and High-Speed Response

Polypropylene with mica particles blended in is used in this injection-moulded cone to attain superior response, making it ideal for factory upgrades.

Powerful Strontium Magnet for Dynamic Bass Response

Strontium magnets have a magnetic flux density that is far higher than conventional ferrite magnets, enabling reproduction of dynamic bass sounds from a relatively small voice coil.

Mounting Depth (Inch) : 1-5/8"
Frequency Response (Hz) : 75 ~ 20 k
Maximum Power Handling (W) : 300

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