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36'' Frigidaire Gallery Induction Cooktop FGIC3666TB


$1295 was( $1599 )


Amazingly Fast

Get amazingly fast heat with induction that boils water 50% faster than an electric cooktop1.

Even Heat

Whip up delicious meals with induction that delivers incredibly even heat across the surface of the pan so you get golden results every time.

Easy To Clean

Don't stress over spills with induction's easy-to-clean surface that generates heat only to your pan, not your cooktop, meaning spills can't burn onto the surface.

Auto Sizing™ Pan Detection

Make fluffy pancakes with ease using Auto Sizing™ Pan Detection that automatically senses the size of your pan to only send heat to whatever small, medium, or large pan you are using.

True Temp Melt & Hold

Get perfectly melted goodness with True Temp Melt & Hold that delivers low, precise heat for melting delicate ingredients or sauces without scorching or burning for up to one hour.

Temperature Precision

Sear steaks, crisp sandwiches, melt chocolate, or simmer sauces with the precise temperature control of induction.

Controlled Cooking

Effortlessly create your favorite recipes with Induction's immediate temperature response that adjusts from a powerful boil to a low simmer.

Safe Surface

The Safe Surface – Induction only heats pans and the food in them, the area around the pans stays cool to the touch.

Energy Efficiency

Since induction only heats your cookware and not your kitchen, less energy is lost throughout the cooking process.

Cooktop Timer

Use the built-in timer function to set a specified amount of time you want items to cook.

Cookware Compatibility

Most stainless steel and cast iron cookware is compatible with induction elements. An easy rule of thumb: if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware, it’s induction-friendly.

Approved Over Frigidaire® Electric Wall Ovens

Cooktops are approved for installation above any of our Frigidaire or Frigidaire Gallery Single Electric Wall Ovens.

General Specifications
Shipping Weight (lbs): 54
Product Weight (lbs): 47
ProductLaunch: NA
Power Type: Induction
Size: 36''
Installation Type: Drop-In
Collection: Frigidaire Gallery
Control Type: Glass-Touch - Slew Pad
Display Type: Digital (Red LED)
Control Location: Center front
Min Circuit Required: 40A
Amps @ 240 Volts: 45.0 / 45.2
Connection Location: Right Rear
Connected Load @ 240V: 9.6/8.3
Voltage Rating: 240V / 208V 60Hz
Agency Approval(All Brands): UL/cUL
Sabbath Mode: No
ADA Compliant - All Brands: Yes
Dimensions: Exterior
Width: 36-3/4"
Height: 2-7/8"
Depth: 21-3/8"
Right Front: 8" - 2300/3200 Watts (Induction)
Cooking Surface: Black Ceramic Glass
Right Rear: 7" - 1800/2600 Watts (Induction)
Hot-Surface Indicator Light: 5 (integrated in display)
Left Rear: 7" - 1800/2600 Watts (Induction)
Left Front: 8" - 2300/3200 Watts (Induction)
Cooktop Specifications
Centre Rear: 10" - 2500/3800 Watts (Induction)
Height: 3-5/8"
Depth: 19-1/8" - 20-1/2"
Width: 33-7/8" - 36-1/8"
Installation Type
Oven Combo Approved: Yes

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