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Free contactless delivery/pick-up within 120km of our store!

Do your part to slow COVID 19 and stay home. To help you G&G Electronics is offering free curbside delivery and pick-up anywhere within 120km of our store. This includes all of the GTA and beyond.

To ensure security our driver will call before arrival so you have a view of your parcel being delivered or picked up. For your safety, our driver will also sanitize hands and disinfect packages before delivery and upon pick-up.

Payments can be made by

- Calling in to 416-282-8111
- E-transfer to - gary@ggelectronics.com
- PayPal payment

Call or email us to see how we can safely and securely deliver your order.

How to contact G&G Electronics:

Mon-Friday 10a-6p, Saturday 10a-5p, Sunday 11a-4p

Call in at 416-282-8111

Use Facebook Messenger through our website or Facebook Page

Out of store hours:
Please either send your sales person an email or if you do not have a sales person send an email to general inquires. Regular online shopping is also available, but our sales people would love to chat and help you over the phone as well.

Gary Tsuyuki: gary@ggelectronics.com

Steve Nagata: steve@ggelectronics.com

Andy Lenton: andy@ggelectronics.com

Robert Tsuyuki: robert@ggelectronics.com


Dave Tsuyuki: dave@ggelectronics.com

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The G&G ELECTRONICS Sales and Installation Teams