URC Remote Controller TX-1000


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The TX-1000 is the perfect solution for anyone who wants touch-panel operation without sacrificing the feedback of dedicated hard buttons. Pick up the TX-1000 and experience the superior ergonomic design and button layout. Universal Remote control engineered the TX-1000 advanced controller to be as easy to use in your hands as it is when it sits on the coffee table.

Everything about the design of the TX-1000 was constructed with your operating pleasure in mind. The optimized positioning of commonly used buttons around the large LCD display facilitates intuitive operation of your equipment. Brilliant multicolored backlighting illuminates controls in even the darkest A/V environments, and the large text on the LCD makes it easy for everyone in the family to operate.. The virtually unlimited memory of the TX-1000 opens limitless possibilities for control anywhere in your home. Need a control solution for whole house audio? The TX-1000 is a great solution.

Experience the freedom of control wherever and whenever you want with the TX-1000 and a Universal Remote Control wireless base station. With the TX-1000 the ability to automate any component anywhere in the house is just a button push away.

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