JBL 6-1/2" Two-Way Component System GTO608C


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Patented Plus One® woofer cones

The JBL-only Plus One® woofer cone (patent no. 7,548,631 B2) is exceptionally stiff, lightweight and has up to 25 percent more active surface area than you’ll ever find on competing models of the same size. You get an audible increase in bass output and efficiency.

Computer-optimized ourboard component crossover network

The GTO608C has a voice-matched outboard component crossover network to ensure optimum transition from the midwoofer to the midrange speaker and the tweeter. You get realistic, hear-every-detail sound.

Increased power handling with My-Ti™ tweeters

My-Ti™ tweeters deliver increased power handling, reduced distortion and increased efficiency. A Mylar®/titanium composite dome makes way for open, smooth spacious sound and a seamless transition between the middle and high frequencies.

Accurate frequency response

With a frequency response of 50Hz to 21kHz, the GTO608C reproduces powerful, teeth-rattling bass tones and the highest highs without distortion.

JBL I-Mount™ for easy installation

I-Mount™ (patent no. 5,859,917) allows for more precise imaging and simplifies tweeter installation with angle-, surface- or flush-mount options. It’s a tweeter mounting system that makes for one of the easiest and most versatile installations you’ve ever done.

Tweeter Control

The JBL GTO608C has a tweeter high-cut filter on the crossover that allows you to attenuate the tweeter by -6dB to optimize performance and optimize blend with the the mid/woofer based on installation location.Personal, tweeter level control.

(2) GTO608C Midwoofers
(2) Tweeter brackets
(2) Caps screws for tweeter brackets
(2) Additional alternate tweeter encasements
(2) Additional alternate tweeter brackets
(2) Additional alternante bracket cap
(1) Owner's Manual
(2) Grilles, (2) mounting bracket for woofers, (2) buffer pieces for grille/mounting bracket
(2) Crossover units
(12) Screw clips
(2) Tweeters
(8) Small clip screws, (2) long clip screws

General Specifications
SeriesGrand Touring
Audio Specifications
Frequency Response50Hz–21kHz
Power Handling (RMS)70W
Power Handling (Peak)210W
Sensitivity(2.83V@1m) 92dB
Nominal Impedance2 ohms
Speaker Specifications
Low-Frequency TransducerPlusOne® HCL™ honeycomb-laiminate cone
Controls/AdjustmentsHF cut: 0dB/-6dB
Crossover FrequenciesOutboard
High-Frequency Transducer25mm (1") edge-driven My-Ti™ dome, pivoting
Mounting Depth Woofer (in)2-1/16
External Diameter Woofer (mm)159
External Diameter Woofer (in)6-1/4
Mounting Cutout Diameter Woofer (mm)133
External Diameter Tweeter (in)2
Mounting Depth Woofer (mm)52
Mounting Cutout Diameter Woofer (in)5-1/4
Mounting Cutout Diameter Tweeter (mm)47
Mounting Cutout Diameter Tweeter (in)1-7/8
External Diameter Tweeter (mm)51
Mounting Depth Tweeter (in)11/16
Mounting Depth Tweeter (mm)17

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