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High-Resolution Audio

From source to speaker, Sony has united an array of technologies for the ultimate audio experience. For High-Resolution Audio files, the digital amp and specialised tweeters reproduce every subtlety, so you can hear each note as the artist intended. For MP3s, digital processing software upscales compressed music to restore lost detail.

2.1 channel system for powerful audio

Get 154W of powerful sound from a 2.1ch speaker system. Two mid-range magnetic fluid speakers deliver pure crisp vocals and complex melodies, supported by Wide Dispersion Super Tweeters which produce soaring highs and a wide soundstage. A powerful woofer works with passive radiators for resounding bass. So you can enjoy your music in clear, powerful audio, whatever the volume.

Boost your bass with a woofer and dual passive radiators

Get big bass lines from a compact speaker. Dual passive radiators work with a woofer and react to the movement of air through the speaker, artificially creating space in the speaker cabinet. This space allows more air to flow through the speakers, enabling even smaller units to deliver superior sound "" especially at low-end frequencies.

Magnetic Fluid Speakers: clearer, more powerful sound

By eliminating conventional speaker dampers and replacing them with magnetic fluid speaker technology, noise and distortion are significantly reduced creating clearer, more powerful audio than ever before. Originally developed for NASA, magnetic fluid technology lets you fit great-sounding, more efficient speakers in a smaller space "" ideal compact, premium speakers.

Super tweeters

By mounting super tweeters on the front and top of the speaker, Sony has created a large sound field that maintains its quality across a full area. It"s the perfect complement for the high-band energy of your High-Resolution Audio, regardless of speaker position.

S-Master HX digital amp

The built-in S-Master HX digital amplifier helps bring out the best of your High-Resolution Audio. It achieves this by reducing the noise levels usually experienced in the high frequency ranges, so you can enjoy clear, sharp sound.

DSEE HX restores your music files

Go beyond CD quality. DSEE HX builds on our proprietary DSEE technology, upscaling compressed audio files to a level that"s closer to High-Resolution Audio. By restoring the subtleties of the original recording that are lost during the compression process, DSEE HX delivers a rich, studio-quality audio experience for all your music.

ClearAudio enriches your music

Clear Audio is a unique technology that leverages Sony"s expertise in digital signal processing developed over generations of perfecting sound, it delivers a rich, high-quality listening experience.

High quality wireless streaming

LDAC is a new audio technology from Sony that allows you to enjoy high quality wireless audio via Bluetooth. With 3x the data transmitted, LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music.

One-touch listening to play instant music

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology removes the need for wired connections and complex setup sequences. Simply touch your NFC-enabled smartphone or other device to the on-body N-mark and start your music. No NFC No problem. You can also pair the devices manually in Bluetooth settings. See compatible devices

There"s music in the air

Wi-Fi audio streaming capability lets you enjoy your favourite iTunes content via your devices that support Airplay, as well as access music files on your DNLA-compatible PC or Home Media Server.

Set your music free with multi-room listening

Fill your home with the sound of your favourite tracks, thanks to multi-room listening. Multi-room feature which includes modes such as the Group mode, where the same music can be enjoyed simultaneously with multiple speakers, and the Single mode where different music can be enjoyed with multiple speakers.

Unite your music with SongPal

Download SongPal for your smartphone or tablet and take control of your music collection. Simply connect over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and you"ll have seamless access to all your favourite tracks, whether they"re stored on your PC, server, or favourite online music service. The app can also be used to customize sound settings to ensure great, balanced audio and control multi-room listening.

Discreet handling with intuitive controls

The SRS-X99 is sophisticated and simple in both form and in function. A glass top control panel features discreet touch-sensitive buttons, which illuminate when you pass your hand over them. You can also enjoy easy control and Bluetooth pairing without compromising on the minimalist style.

Compatible formats

In addition to MP3 and AAC formats, the SRS-X99 also supports a range of High-Resolution Audio file types. These include: FLAC, WMA and L.PCM (WAV, AIFF).

Definitive Outline design

Smooth surface and clean lines ensure this sleek beauty blend into the background, yet still draws attention for its minimalist refinement. The accentuated perimeter is a signature of Definitive Outline.

The simple way to send music to your speakers

Chromecast built-in lets you stream your favourite music apps from your personal device to your speakers. Simply tap the Cast button in a music app on your Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows laptop or Chromebook and select a speaker or group of speakers to get started.

Get well-connected with USB-A and USB-B

Hook up all your favourite devices to the wireless speaker with two types of USB port. A USB-A port is ideal for connecting and charging MP3 players, iPhones and iPads as well as a USB stick, to stream High-Resolution Audio and MP3 files. The second port is USB-B for PC connection, enabling digital playback straight from your music library without any signal loss from the PC.

Speaker TypeSuper tweeter (Top): Approx. 19 mm diameter x 2/Super tweeter (Front): Approx. 19 mm diameter x 2/Midrange: Approx. 50 mm diameter x 2/Subwoofer: Approx. 94 mm diameter x 1
Output Power154W
Sound ModesClearAudio+, DSEE HX
Size & Weight
Dimensions (W x H x D)43 x 13.3 x 12.5 cm
Weight4.7 kg
Communication SystemBLUETOOTH Specification Version 3.0
Compatible ProfilesA2DP; AVRCP
Supported CodecsAAC, LDAC, SBC
Input and Output TerminalsStereo mini-jack input, USB
Bluetooth? Spec
Frequency Range45 - 40000Hz
General Features
Power ConsumptionApprox. 50W
Eco and energy saving
Power Consumption (Off Mode)not available
Power Consumption (Standby Mode)0.5W
Power Consumption (Networked Standby Mode) ?? Terminals6.0 W (WiFi)/6.0 W (all terminals and networks connected*) *Wired connections automatically deactivate wireless connections. *Wi-Fi port has router function which can forward audio data to some other Sony audio products.
Standby Mode ActivatedAfter 15 minutes
Networked Standby Mode Activated ?? TerminalsAfter 15 minutes (WiFi)
Wireless Network(s) On/Off SwitchPress and hold NETWORK key and WPS key of the unit.
Wireless Connections
AC powerBluetooth, One Touch Functions (NFC), Wi-Fi
Chromecast built-inYes
Spotify ConnectYes

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