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Since the last Radius series we've applied our research and development to the challenge of subwoofer design. It's relatively easy to produce large bass in a large box, but finding the optimum mix of parameters required to generate genuinely deep dynamic bass from a space efficient Radius cabinet requires a vastly more innovative approach. We're confident that the ultra-compact Radius 380 will elevate your expectations of what's possible in a small enclosure: the Radius 380 and its companion 390 rewrite the rules. Within the 380's diminutive cube, twin side-firing 8" C-CAM drivers - one active and one passive ABR - work in tandem with a powerful 200W cool-running Class D amplifier (double the power of its predecessor) to deliver a seismic bass foundation for films and music, distinguished by an intoxicating blend of depth and speed. Tuned for an utterly dynamic result with Radius satellites in film and music systems, the 380 also offers Impact, Movie and Music pre-sets for easy EQ operation. The drivers have no grilles but are colour-coded to coordinate with cabinet finish. A 12V trigger syncs the 380 with other AV components when the system is activated. 



  • 18mm MDF cabinet construction with internal bracing
  • Cool-running 200W Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply (SMPSU)
  • Twin side-firing 8" C-CAM drivers - one active and one passive ABR
  • Low pass filter switch for LFE or Stereo input selection
  • Power switch with ON Auto- Off/ trigger settings
  • Stereo/ LFE RCA inputs
  • 3 x Pre-set EQ settings Music/Movie/Impact




For open environments sound quality can be further enhanced through the use of a sealed ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator). The ABR works like a piston moving back and forth generated by the movement of the air via the motion of the mid/bass driver inside the sealed cabinet. This makes the ABR ultimately act like a conventional port resulting in superior low frequency punch and extra penetration whilst keeping the elements at bay.

C-CAM Bass Drivers

Refined over many years by Monitor Audio, Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium is used as a driver cone material for all our speaker designs from the mid-market models up. Originally developed by the aerospace industry for jet engine components, C-CAM's properties are ideal for loudspeaker cones being extremely rigid, yet light enough to yield high overall efficiency. C-CAM bass drivers are able to resist the bending distortion imposed by sudden and extreme bass excursions to reproduce very clean, deep and dynamic bass frequencies. Conventional cone materials are more likely to flex in operation, producing a significant level of audible distortion.

Rated Continuous Power @14.4V
System FormatActive sub-woofer system – Auxiliary (ABR) loading. 18mm MDF cabinet
Low Frequency Limit30Hz (- 6dB)
Upper Frequency LimitVariable 40 – 120 Hz @ 24dB/Octave
Amplifier Power Output200 Watts @ 1% THD+N
Amplifier ClassificationClass D amplifier with Switch mode power supply (SMPSU)
Bass EQ SwitchMusic/ Movie/ Impact
Phase Control0 & 180 degrees
Auto SensingLine Level >3.5mV
Input Level RequirementsStandby after approximately 15 minutes if no signal sensed
Driver Compliment1 x 8" (200mm) C-CAM long throw driver 1 x 8" (200mm) Auxiliary bass radiator
Input Impedance> 20K Ohms
Mains Input VoltageAC 110 - 120 V ~ 50/60Hz;  AC 220 - 240 V ~ 50/60Hz  (Factory Region Preset)
Dimensions including amp & feet(H x W x D)308 x 290 x 305mm (121/8 x 117/16 x 12 Inches)
ConnectionsStereo RCA in, LFE in, 12v Trigger in  (3.5mm mono mini-jack)
12v Trigger Input5 - 12v via 3.5mm mono mini-jack socket
Power Consumption200 Watts / 0.5 Watts in Standby  (ErP approved)
Weight (Unpacked)10.16Kg (22lb 6oz)

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