• MM100S
    (Car Stereos - Video Deck)

    Engineered for marine (and Powersports) applications, the MediaMaster 100s Premium Source Unit is built to withstand anything Mother Nature can dish out.

    Its rugged, weatherproof chassis houses an ultra-bright, 3.5-inch full-color LCD display, with separate Day and Night lighting themes to keep things easy-to-see at all times. An intuitive user interface with big, legible text and large backlit controls makes it easy to use, especially while in motion.

    Equipped with audiophile-quality circuits, 8-channels of preamp outputs deliver crystal-clear signals into four separate audio zones. Each zone is outfitted with its own set of independent features and control options, creating a versatile audio command center, configurable for a wide range of system or vessel types, from basic, to multi-location, with selectable subwoofer control.