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We at G&G Electronics are doing our part to flatten the curve in the spread of COVID 19. In the interests of social distancing, we will be closing the showroom to the public until further notice. We will now provide full service through telephone, email, Facebook Messenger, and online purchases through our website. Our phone lines, email and Facebook Messenger services will be fully operational during our regular business hours and web purchases are available 24/7.

We are offering free door to door, contactless drop off, in the GTA or you may pre-arrange curbside pickup at the store during regular business hours.

Our installation services remain fully operational for those needing custom install or renovation work in an unoccupied business or residence.

We are fully committed to providing all of our clients with the means to stay connected and ease the stress from social distancing.

We wish you all good health and an the best of luck during these trying times.

How to contact G&G Electronics:

During store hours:
Mon-Friday 10a-6p, Saturday 10a-5p, Sunday 11a-4p
Call in at 416.282.8111
Use Facebook Messenger through our website or Facebook Page

Out of store hours:
Please either send your sales person an email or if you do not have a sales person send an email to general inquires. Regular online shopping is also available, but our sales people would love to chat and help you over the phone as well.

Gary Tsuyuki: gary@ggelectronics.com

Steve Nagata: steve@ggelectronics.com

Andy Lenton: andy@ggelectronics.com

Robert Tsuyuki: robert@ggelectronics.com


Dave Tsuyuki: dave@ggelectronics.com

Kind regards,

The G&G ELECTRONICS Sales and Installation Teams