Clarion Full Digital Sound Processor (Sound Processor/Tweeter /Commander) Z3


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 Sound Processor Clear Sound Staging from Sturdy and Sophisticated Cabinet Design
Cool and Minimalistic Body Textured with Hairline Finish

The black matte body features a hairline finish, plus clear material used in the centre. It accentuates the cool look that is befitting of full digital sound.

USB Slot for Direct Input from Mobile Devices and High-Resolution Sources
The Z3 (Sound Processor) is equipped with a USB port for connection to a smartphone or tablet via USB cable. It is easy to use mobile devices. For example, you can play high-resolution audio content stored on a smartphone (Android™) , or tune it using a tablet.
*Notes: Does not support audio play from USB memory.
*The tuning application supports iOS® and Android™.​

Compact Sound Processor Installable Just About Anywhere
The compact chassis requires minimal utility space for easy installation under the seat and other tight locations.

Commander Intuitive Interface for Fine Adjustment of Delicate Sounds
Large Volume Knob Like Home Audio Systems

The large volume knob offers the solid feel of a high-performance home audio system, and provides superior usability and smooth, intuitive control of volume and the other features. The body’s black colour and hairline finish contribute to the solid, quality-intensive form. What’s more, the contrast between the metallic texture of the volume knob and the hairline finished body orchestrates a stylish look that you'll never get tired of.


Select the Acoustic Technology You Like
Sound Restorer enables high-quality reproduction of compressed audio, and Reverb Control helps to create a more natural surround sound experience. You can select advanced acoustic technologies like these according to the musical genre or media you are playing. 

Tweeter Clear and Dynamic Middle-High Range Reproduction
Beautifully Curved Design Expressing Subtle Tonality

Accented with a champagne gold line, the design taste matches up perfectly with the speaker units.

High-Response Dual Neodymium Magnets
By positioning two neodymium magnets, one above and one below the tweeter plate, the superior magnetic flux density of neodymium create a high-density magnetic gap to deliver quick response and stable driving.


Pure Soft Dome Tweeter for Rich Middle-High Range
Reproduction of crystal clear highs up to 40kHz and powerful vocals is made possible by this broad bandwidth tweeter. Combining it with the Z7 (speaker) in the front enables high-range reproduction of high-resolution audio sources. In addition to reproducing a lustrous high-range for richly resonating tones, it delivers a powerful mid-range full of presence as well as natural sounding vocals.

2-Way Mountable for Installation on Dashboard or Door
The tweeter can be surface-mounted on the dashboard, or flush-mounted in the door by modifying the door trim.



Main Features
     Sound Processor

  • New dedicated LSI for automotive grade Clarion originally developed (for tweeter driver)
  • 96kHz/24bit digital signal processing
  • Tuning functions (Crossover, Time Alignment, Equaliser)
  • Intelligent Tune (Sound Restorer / Virtual Bass / Tone Filter / Reverb Control)
  • Input connectors: USB, Digital input (Optical), Digital input (Coaxial), RCA input, Speaker level input
  • Output connectors: Output for digital speakers, RCA output
Sound processor
Analogue output 4Vrms (VOL 0db)
S/N 110dB (A filter)
Harmonic Distortion 0.01%
Analogue input RCA input, Speaker level input
Input sensitivity Low: RCA-in=4Vrms/power-in=8Vrms Mid: RCA-in=2Vrms/power-in=4Vrms High: RCA-in=1Vrms/power-in=2Vrms
Digital coaxial input 0.5Vp-p/75Ω, Up to 96kHz/24Bit/PCM
Rated Continuous (RMS) Power @14.4V
Digital optical input Up to 96kHz/24Bit/PCM
Power Supply 10.8 ~15.6V DC, Negative ground
Current Consumption Maximum 15A
Weight 660g
Dimensions 180(W)×37(H)×116(D)mm
Commander (Supplied with Z3)
Weight 385g
Dimensions 100(W)×27(H)×46(D)mm
< Driving section >
Maximum output 9W (4.5W × 2 Driver)× 2ch
Rated output 6W(3W × 2 Driver)× 2ch at 1% THD+N
Rated Continuous (RMS) Power @14.4V
Impedance 6Ω × 2ch
<Speaker section>
Frequency response 1.5kHz ~ 40kHz

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